Thursday, April 27, 2017

The School For Good And Evil ~ Soman Chainani


Right now, I'm so obsessed with this most wonderful book. I thinks it's a very brilliantly, geniusly-written. Oh yeah I know y'all gonna say I say like this to every single book on Earth, but hey. srsly.

You see, every time I went into the SMO Bookstores (the hottest one in Terengganu), I would always be distracted by these books. But every time whenever I wanted to buy them. there was always gonna be another beautiful book ; usually written by Sophie Kinsella (bcs I love her). Ofkos, I can only buy one book, not two. PLS NOTE THAT I'M STILL A STUDENT. Pfft.

So guys, WHY am I so attracted to these books in the first place ?

First, of course, the cover. They are so cute and enchanted, it's like they are cursed to make anyone who sees them, buys them. haha

Second, the title. The School for Good And Evil. 0:)o

Third, of course, the synopsis. Only a good synopsis yang kena pada cerita dan tak berbelit-belit will win a girl's heart. Mysterious and charming.

They got a handbook too, and there's another fourth book, as far as I'm concerned.

But so unfortunately, i haven't got each one of them. I only bought the 2nd one : A World Without Princes. So sad :(

At first, I was hesitated. To buy or not to buy. This is money matter we're talking about guys. It ain't trivial. Is this book gonna be worth it? Am i gonna love it?

I was scared. What if this book contains lots of bombastic words that I have to resort to dictionary every single minute?

But I gained my strength, I swallowed it all. Whatever happens will happen. I WILL BUY THIS BOOK!

Haha. I am not gonna write the synopsis here , but I can tell you this :

This book is about two friends ; Sophie and Agatha.

The only thing I can guarantee you is :


*************** so far that i've read (i mean book two). i don't know bout book one...yet.

aaa ciaaaaa :p

honestly guys. grab you car keys or whatsoever and drive to the nearest bookstore, and grab one of these. u ain't regret it believe me. 

i so love the way Soman writes. and guess what?


i laugh, i smile; foolishly thinking it's gonna end the way i imagine,,, right before i cried my eyes out.

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