Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thanks For The Memories ~ Cecelia Ahern


Who in the world hasn't heard of Cecelia Ahern? For book lovers, she's the queen of the modern fairytale. Every story of hers is just perfect and beautiful. She is the bestselling author of P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End (now has been published as Love, Rosie), The Year I Met You, A Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now and other books.

I've just had one of hers.., and it is stunningly cute.

I have one with this cover. But secretly hoping to buy the book with the other cover someday. Amiin! ><

Book Title : Thanks For The Memories

Author : Cecelia Ahern

Genre : 

Year Published : 2008 (mine's edition is in 2012)

Publications : Harper Collins Publisher

The story is about Joyce, an Irish who has just received a blood transfusion. Then, every night, she starts dreaming about a little blonde girl and a woman whom she never known in her entire life. It is like a memory. But of whom? 

While an American named Justin, donated blood during his lecture trip to Dublin in order to seduce the beautiful doctor. During their date together, he meets Joyce. The face is familiar but he never knows any Irish.

When I first read it, I get a little confused cause the choice of words are a little high above my usual choice. I read Sophie Kinsella's like I eat breakfast. Therefore, when I read this book, I got the feeling like, "wow what's this. so good and a bit philosophical"

Anyway, at the climax of the story, butterflies flying madly in my stomach as the story is very cute. It might not be the young adult cute romance, but it's about a widow and a widower; one has no child and the other one has a child. But nevertheless; it's amazing.

Ever since then, I've started to wish I had coincidentally bumped into someone (must be rich and handsome haha!), we both dropped the very same diary, and without no mean, picked up the diary that is belong to another. That way, I'll read his book and dream about his memory, and he'll dream about mine. :P

Because memory exchange that's caused of blood transfusion could never happen. It's a beautifull-created fairytale, and you admit that.

And ever since then, I have used the Joyce name as my alter ego. It is quite a habit of mine. yup, the habit started when i first met Rushdina, my one and favourite girl to share stories. She is the one who first introduced The Fault In Our Stars to me, and said proudly that Hazel Grace is her alter ego. We both love the stories so much and when I came across TFTM, I told her about it and called myself Joyce.

What a perfect name. Joyce Conway. Joyce. As in Joy.

I am a very bright and loud and cheerful person. I think the Joyce name really suits me. And I specifically had a big laugh when she had banoffee pie just as her marriage has ended. Oh well 6 years is too long for a 'no marriage'. She should've done sooner. But then, she won't be able to meet Justin, right? Oh forget it. Destiny's not ours anyway.

Oh dear. My marriage has just ended and I'm ordering dessert.



  1. This book dah mereput dalam my TBR-piles. I have a lot of Cecelia's books in my TBR list tapi I don't have the time to read. Your review makes me want to read this book! :)

    1. haha yeah i hope u'll enjoy it :) happy reading!