Saturday, March 04, 2017

Majlis Khatam Hanaa'


Yesterday Hanaa' (a friend of mine) ada buat majlis sikit. Sempena dia khatam hafaz Al-Quran on 25/1 haritu. Well it was fun and I enjoyed it. Menu dia nasi kambing. haha i think laa pasal aku tau makan je, taktau nama makanan.

nyum nyumm sedap gila. aku tambah 5 kali. (hiperbola betol. taklah tambah sekali aje. huhu)

the majlis start at 11 am, but I came way toooo early. yea. Exactly on 2.15 pm. hahahhahaha. *note the sarcasm :P It wasn't my fault by the way. I never knew the reception started at 11 am, coz I thought it would start after Zuhr. Well that's the usual time of reception. 

So at 12 o'clock, I open my ig and message Paah, who was also invited. She said she couldn't come and the reception actually started at 11. I was like, what???

My mood suddenly turn off. I felt depressed about having to go late, so I decided not to come. I opened my ig and read Hanaa's stories. One of them got me in the eye and shot me to death.

Pah sorang sorang dopleh gi. nok ngajuk ahh

bye bye. tido luu 

Well how can you expect me to stay at home and do nothing, when my girlfriend got all down? I quickly message her, asking for adress.

She replied, 

weyh, wasap ah. mu gi lepas zohor dakpe.

i got teary-eyed u know. i'm a really sensitive person. on certain conditions ofkos.

so I took wuduk and quickly put on baju kurung black (my fav). Clothes done! Then I was having trouble on deciding what to wear : whether it's my grey bubble shawl or my brown bawal. Actually I thought of wearing my purple chiffon shawl, tapi yang tu tak bergosok lagi, so OUT of option haha. Seriously. This is no joke. It took me more than half an hour to decide and it sucks (seriously??! I'm just a girl). 

But then I realized I only had 2 cute brooches, and one brooch but its flower had been broken ; it's awful. With that, I finally settled for my bawal. I put the awful brooch inside so it won't show its awfulness. Hohoho clever girl! Yeay! OOTD done!

ooyeahh hasbe acah-acah lamar anak owang lakk hiks

haipp su tak habis-habis ngan dia punya dab

Anyway, as for the last, I should engrave(what?) this post with a beautiful quote that should be keep in our hearts.

Thank you so much Nakk, for the scrumptious (?) kambing. Jemput aku lagi tau lenkalii! Adios. Sawadikap. :)

Sincerely, ur best mate.

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