Friday, March 03, 2017

Happy Birthday Shoutout To My One And Only Alan Walker!!


Haha. getting the wrong idea aren't you?

Of course it's not the real Alan Walker. I mean, how can it be? It's just my best mate, Raihan Najeehan Abdul Muie who turns 15 at 4th of March 2017! Happy Birthday girl!

Rehang is the one with the red shoes.

She's currently on vacay with her family now, in Vietnam. She must be having lots of fun right now. jangan lupa souvenir ye!

Her name's Raihan, but due to our Terengganu accent, we called her Rehang. She loves Alan walker . And she once had her lips swollen as my head hit her accidentally. So it's Rehang Walker Angelina Jolie. Long and nice.

She's a big joker in batch. Even her words are funny enough. She talks like Indonesian people. She has a sister and a bro. 

happy blessed day my girl! Semoga kau mendapat husnul khatimah. pray the best for u. ngapal molek, belajor molek, jaga adab ngan cikgu, In Shaa Allah, kejayaan itu milik kita. :)

Nah aku belanja kek! Paling besar punya!

Semoga kita berada dalam limpahan rahmat Allah selalu.
Fi sabilillah,

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