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Few days ago, I watched a Hello Counselor episode about an Uzbekistan mother of 2 children, who went to Korea to start a new life there. And yes, she's a Muslim and wears hijab. She also can speak 4 different languages, if I'm not mistaken. Salute.

She loves K-Pop dramas etc, and decided to move to Korea permanently and became a citizen there with a new name, Hong Hana. She thought it would be wonderful because it was her dream to go there.

But life is all about little tests sometimes. And just hold on right there. sister.

The Koreans aren't all nice as they seem. Whenever she goes out, people always look at her as if she's a killer on the loose. Some even gone out of line and tried to pull off her hijab.

"Why do you wear that?"
"Go back to your place. You don't belong here."
"Are you a terrorist?"
"This is Korea. You have to take that thing off."

Look, if you come to our place and wear teeny clothes, do we get mad and chase you out of our country? Do we?

Exactly. We don't. At least, not all.

I mean, here, we have to respect everyone. If you're a Christian, I have to respect you. Everyone else has to respect you. It's your choice. So if she's a Muslim, I too, have to respect her. You have to respect her. Everyone else has to respect her. It's her choice and we must accept it. It's the same to other religions like Buddha etc.

But there's differences between disrespect and force and dakwah. 

Disrespect is like, you're a Muslim, and your friend drinks wine in front of you.
Force, is like you're a Muslim, and your mom force you to convert to Christian if you want to see her again.
And dakwah, is like, you're a Christian, and I'm a Muslim. I asked you if you wanna watch a religious vid with me, and you say okay, and we watch the Islamic vid together. I try to console you to try listening to one of the nasyeed. That's the kind of dakwah. *anyway correct me if I'm wrong

You see, I'm not talking about the discrimination to Muslim only. This one story is only one of the types of discrimination. There are lots of discriminations out there. Discriminations to poor people, fat people and classy girl, nerdy girl. And I'm narrowing it down to one type. Discrimination to Muslim.

Continue the story of Hana, one day, she said, she was driving, and then someone hit her car from behind. She went out and asked to the poor old man, I think, "are you okay?" and then he started scolding her. "Why did you come to Korea and hit my car?" etc. The man went quite mad that she had to call the police.

Anyway, not all people are bad. When she was working until late night, her children teacher took care of her kids. They always did. When she told that, my eyes were teary. It's heart-touching. :)

That's left for us to think.

Why do we have to differentiate people? Are we that perfect?

Don't offend people. That's nasty.

Life is short, in case you forgot. So why we have to live our lives full of hatred and anger? Put all those other things aside, and let's live our lives happily with no grudge. Because we all are human. And we believe in what we believe. That's up to us.

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