Friday, January 15, 2016

Electric Bills


I have two older sisters, and a younger brother. My first sister named Arfah, but I called her Kak. The other sister is being called Anis. While we called my brother Adin.

Lately, which is quite recently, Anis had been telling other people in the house to take off the phone plugger atau pun charger after using it. Entahlah. Aku pun tak pasti apa nama benda tu.

She kept telling us to take it off after using it, and she's been nagging like an old hag these miserable days. And I don't like it.

(Yeahh.... that kind of thing.)

Well, my family used to just leave it there, (dekat tempat nak masuk lubang tuu..) after using it. You get it?

Right. Benda tuuula

You see, the reason why she's been peeking her nose into other's business, (yeah, being a busybody), is that the other day, she read an article on how a man, who used to have an electric bill over RM 300 monthly. After been taking off the 'charger' thing, the next month, the man's electric bill had reduced to ONLY RM 32!!

Crazy, isn't it? I don't believe it, but still.

...........emmm.... nope. I believe it, but it's quite unbelievable. 

A NOTE TO DEAR SELF : Wasting is a BAD thing. Shaytaan loves people who always wasting things.

"Orang Yang Suka Membazir Adalah Saudara Syaitan"

Stay cool,


  1. Beza sia. Kena cuba ni. Mana tau dapat jimat duet